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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Tim Fray  (Founding Partner) has been in the hospitality industry for over 35 years with a keen interest in serving people and helping business owners become profitable and sustain profitability in the marketplace by training their staff. 

     Tim started working in the back of a restaurant in the mid to late 80's and has accomplished every position available in a restaurant from back to front.  In the early 90's TIm joined the management team for an Italian concept Grisantis and helped open and run 3 locations in the GTA area.  Soon after in the late 90's Milestones took over those locations and Tim worked with Milestones in various Management positions and was involved with opening up 9 Milestones locations across Canada and training hundreds of staff.  
     Tim was brought on as Senior Management at the Pegasus Hospitality Group in 2006 and as the Director of Operations, helped set the standard for Banquet Halls Front of House Service for 5 years.  Since 2011, Tim has used his extensive experience to bring his training courses to owners in every facet of the hospitality industry. His diversity and comprehension have allowed owners to trust his judgement, endorsing his aid for opening new restaurants, menu engineering, marketing, staff training and retention, to name a few.   During the unfortunate pandemic that hit the industry in 2020, Tim continues to remain active by virtual training on the common issues that many companies face that will either lead to their business thriving or closing their doors.  Some of the online virtual training included, but are not limited to: ‘Customer Service’, 'Franchise Readiness' and 'Technology Integration'.  Tim has helped restaurant and banquet hall owners, keep a low turnover rate (Retain Staff) and control food, liquor, labour and operational cost (Optimize Profits), In turn saving them thousands to millions of dollars.
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