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TFIT Ultimate Customer Service
The ultimate customer service training for your business.


Customer Service is fundamental to our business, an integral part of our daily routine, and separates us from our competition. It is imperative to train staff in order to boost customer satisfaction. It involves teaching skills and working with customer service software to provide the best experience possible across all channels. This is what the TFIT Ultimate Customer Service course provides by training your staff.

Coffee Shop




DAY 1 (Session 1)

  • Customer Service Policy

    • Involvement​

    • Responsibility

    • Purpose

    • Mission

  • Customer  Service Basics

    • Store Entrance​

    • Establishment

    • Register

    • Service Counter/Leaving

    • Telephonically

DAY 1 (Session 2)          

  • Deciphering The Customers

    • What is a Customer​

    • What does a Customer want

  • Customer Service Skills

    • Listening Skills​

    • Affirmative Communication

    • Using the magic phrases

    • Non verbal communication

DAY 2 (Session 1)

  • Ten Behaviour Attributes you can control

    • Polite Responses​

    • Careful & Intelligent phrasing of answers

    • Methods of diffusing volatile situations

  • Telephonic Customer Service

    • Voice Modulation and tonality​

    • Phone Techniques

    • Conversational Mannerism

DAY 2 (Session 2)

  • Problem solving

    • Assume Innocence & Teaching Opportunities

    • Believe your Customer/Respond in Kind

    • Be Empathetic

    • How to Calm Customers A.S.A.P

  • How to Handle Temperament of Customers

    • Six Practices to Handle Difficult Customers

    • Reflective Listening

    • Optimizing Guest Experience 

    • Loyalty Program

DAY 1 (Activities & Exercises)

  • Videos/Case Studies

    • Customer Service Videos (Good and Bad)

  • Online Survey

  • Online Quiz

GOAL for DAY 1 

is to help the attendees in becoming more courteous, attentive, and helpful towards the customers.  Understanding the right tonality and mannerisms of communication, yet articulating & understanding the customer in a better & structured way.  Finally skills imparted in this module will help the attendees in adapting effective ways of verbal & non-verbal communication.

DAY 2 (Activities & Exercises)

  • Videos/Case Studies

    • Problem Solving Videos (Good and Bad)

  • Online Survey

  • Online Quiz

GOAL for DAY 2 

is to help the attendees in handling situations with ease, clarity & patience.  It will teach the attendees tips & techniques to drive the conversations with customers in the most professional, pleasant & productive manner.  Finally we aim to impart intuitive methods to the attendees to handle the situations when customers aren’t calm, and empower the attendees in handling customers temper better.

DAY 3 (Session 1)

  • Case Studies


      • Play​

      • Choose you Attitude

      • Make Someones Day

      • Be There

  • Questions and Answers


DAY 3 (Session 2)

  • Interactive Certification

GOAL for DAY 3 

is to show all core fundamentals in action through a video case study.  Summarize the 8 modules and answer any questions the attendees may have.  Finally, award each attendee with their certificate of TFIT Customer Service and badges and empower them to put in practice what they have learned each and every day going forward.

TFIT Cx Service Certificate.jpg

Earn a certificate and digital badge to add to your CV, resume, and LinkedIn.

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