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Technology Integration is fundamental in our businesses.  The rise in the up-gradation of technology and rising internet penetration is transforming the hospitality smart to technology-driven market. Smart Hospitality refers to the integration of technology such as automated software and smart solutions for hospitality on account of the usage of social media, implementation of smart equipment, marketing automation, and cloud-based services. TFIT technology integration training course focuses on smart hospitality aid in reducing the cost and gives a unique and memorable experience to the guest which motivates them to visit again.  With digital handheld Point of Sale systems, access to apps, integrated online ordering and reservations, we can see the importance of technology integration in our businesses.

TFIT Technology Integration Course

    • The importance of a Digital POS systems 

    • Digital Inventory tracking

    • Access and the use of Apps

    • How Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be used in the future

    • Hand-Held Point of Sale Systems

    • Integrated Online Ordering and Reservations

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