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Nathaniel is a Social/Youth Worker and Entrepreneur with over 20 years experience within the hospitality industry. He has done everything from serving to being a chef, a training supervisor, and now training facilitator. He excels in business to business and business to customer relations, customer service, process development, and client management. Nathaniel is passionate about helping others realize their potential and applies that to all of his roles. 


He wants his legacy to be that he created opportunities for his community to progress, that he was committed to finding joy and creating peace, and most importantly, that he embodied love.

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Lenore Butcher is a University of Toronto graduate who is bilingual in English and French. She has 20 years' experience in Retail and its operations, with a focus on Customer Service. She has spent time working for various government departments domestically and abroad. While in school, she was a French tutor for students ranging from Kindergarten to adulthood.  Here, she found her love for training and has continued this in her different roles. Lenore has over 10 years of experience in business-to-business account management, sales operations and client relationship management. She's carried the culmination of her experience in Customer Service and affinity for training with her in her role as an Onboarding Specialist, working in that capacity for some of Canada's longest-standing as well as fastest-growing start-up companies.
She is passionate about positively impacting people's lives socially and in the workplace.

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